Road rage incident sees motorist speed off with man clinging to car hood in India

A bizarre road rage incident saw a man desperately clinging onto the hood of a vehicle that was speeding down a road in Bangaluru, southern India. The footage captured on June 15 shows the vehicle race down the road with a man hanging off the front of the car. A resident of the city, Shanakare Gowda, had gone to a petrol station to put fuel into his car. Three men came in another car, parked behind his vehicle, and started honking, asking him to hurry up. Gowda objected triggering an angry exchange of words which quickly escalated. They beat him up and tried to run over him. When he jumped on to the bonnet to escape, the car driver sped away for nearly a kilometre, before slowing down and shaking off Gowda. Gowda has filed a complaint with local police, who are looking for the men in the car.